How Using Solar Power Can Change Lives

Solar electrician installing solar power panel

Solar power – a modern commodity that more people consider utilising for themselves. Still, some have their doubts about going solar. If you’re among them, here are the notable ways solar power continues to be beneficial to everyday life.

Solar electrician installing solar power panel

  1. Solar Power Can Improve People’s Health
    We overlook how health-wise, the energy-generating process of solar power is truly the best alternative to typical oil and diesel-burning methods. It’s been reported by the World Economic Forum how solar energy, and the fact it’s becoming increasingly affordable (with prices decreasing five-fold throughout this decade) is key to improving people’s day-to-day state of health. Especially for poorer communities based in developing countries. With less carbon emission to inhale, the quality of life for many gets better.

    Large countries have gotten the memo here. Take China which, according to, has successfully provided reliable power for the homes of over 800,000 families living in poverty. Similarly, the US organisation GRID Alternatives has taken strides to make solar energy accessible to American households from lower-income brackets. They have solar electricians travel to those residences and get them hooked with panels and a fully functional solar system, particularly for houses already on the energy grid. They shoulder the cost and handle the logistics, and countless Americans live healthier lives as a result. Hence, solar power has been (and continues to be) recognised as an asset for growing populations.
  2. It Enables Better Services for Societies to Function
    As explained by Robert Freling, executive director of the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), communities of developing countries struggle to provide essential services with only diesel generators or kerosene lamps on hand. To solve this, SELF has managed to electrify as many as 150 medical clinics globally, including 62 in Ghana and Uganda in a joint initiative with the UN. Solar panel installations have done wonders for the way these clinics now work.

    In his travels, Freling sees firsthand how nurses in rural health clinics can’t deliver newborn babies at night, with inadequate light or dependable electricity after daytime. Also, vaccines and other medical supplies can’t be stored safely due to no 24/7 powered refrigerators. However, with solar power being more accessible, as well as the technology for solar panels being more advanced, fewer and fewer healthcare services will face such issues moving forward.
  3. Solar Power Saves Time & Money
    In Lagos, Nigeria, it’s a grim reality that on average, households there may have electricity only available for up to 8 hours, and many experience power interruptions every two hours. Blackouts are inevitable, and while generators have helped some with continuity, reports show that 10,000 people have lost their lives over the past decade due to inhaling fumes. Thankfully, all of this has begun to change with solar power accessibility.

    One working man and father of three, Adekunle, had researched solar energy and used his savings to purchase a standard solar power inverter system, second-hand solar panels and batteries. Another local, Uche, a software engineer who works remotely for a US tech company, did likewise and even bought barely used panels at a discount. Needing to save on costs, Uche installed the panelsby himself in three days, without consultation with a solar technician. However, his efforts were worthwhile.

    It didn’t take long for them to realise how much time and money they’d end up saving from solar power investment. They no longer worry about power interruptions, energy cut-offs from flooding, costs for generators or long commutes to a venue with good lighting and computer access. And as Uche discovered, solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years, so the cost of replacing these won’t be an issue for him for another two decades.

    So, is going solar worth the upfront costs for panels and installation? Definitely!

    Consider harnessing solar power to decrease your power bill from now on.

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