Queensland & NSW's Trusted Solar Panel Repairers

Repairs to your solar panels are a necessary part of owning a solar system. Severe weather, dust and debris can scratch and damage panels, impacting their ability to perform, and inverters can break down.

When this happens, fast and reliable repair by a solar expert is needed.

Repair for a fraction of the replacement cost!

At Solar Uptime, we fix first and replace only if necessary. Our qualified solar electricians can repair solar panel systems for a fraction of the replacement cost.

We can also provide a detailed inverter electronics assessment to ensure manufacturer warranty claims and home insurance claims are approved fast and hassle-free.

Not sure if your solar panels can be repaired?

That’s where our professional solar assessment can help. A Solar Uptime technician will test your solar panels and solar inverter to determine which component is causing the issue and if it can be repaired, needs to be replaced or is even broken in the first place.

Most of the time, systems can appear faulty when it’s simply a faulty switch or circuit breaker, which can be repaired on-site for a minimal cost.

Call us on 1300 007 707 to get your system back up and running – fast.

Home Solar Panel Repair

Are there cracks on your solar panels? Is there discolouration, staining or visible damage? Are you steadily paying more for electricity? Our qualified and experienced solar electricians can quickly assess panel damages, repair or bypass faulty panels and provide guidance on avoiding future damage.

Solar uptime residential repairs

There’s a reason why thousands of solar owners trust Solar Uptime with their solar repairs.

Long-term performance at competitive rates

Qualified Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Electricians.

Work fully compliant with safety standards and guidelines.

Lifetime care for your solar system from solar experts.

But don't just take our word for it!