About Solar Uptime

Renewable energy is here to stay. Solar Uptime is bringing better value solar energy to more people in Australia.

Everyone should enjoy clean, hassle-free energy from the sun, produced at the lowest possible cost. Together we make it real.

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Solar repairs

Fast friendly on-site services for home and business

Solar Repairs

Solar system maintenance

Regular maintenance pays for itself

Solar Maintenance

Solar installations

We’ve installed thousands of successful solar systems

Solar Installations

Solar services for rental properties

From initial consulting to ongoing support

Property Managers

Solar services for insurers

Specialist solar inspections, reporting, quotations and all rectification works

Insurance Industry

Our mission is to get you more value from solar energy

Solar panel systems save us a lot of money. For this to continue solar systems need a little care from time-to-time.

At Solar Uptime we focus on solar repairs, maintenance and upgrades. It’s the most effective way to bring value to our customers.

Our story begins in sunny Queensland

Solar Uptime was launched in 2014 as Service Tech on the Gold Coast. We realized few solar energy companies wanted to help homeowners with minor repairs and regular maintenance. So we stepped in to fill the gap.

Since we’ve helped thousands of solar system owners between the Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW. Soon we’ll be serving the Sydney area and other regions in Australia.

Meet our friendly, understanding team

Solar Uptime people are qualified, experienced and customer focused. You can rely on them for attention to detail and integrity.

We work hard to give you two things – solar energy peace-of-mind, and consistently lower energy bills.

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