Solar Care for Rental Properties

The Solar Uptime rental property solar care program delivers hassle-free solar repair, maintenance and solar safety for property managers and investors of tenanted dwellings.

A complete service


Select the right solar care product

Solar Uptime advises the owner or manager of the most suitable option to match their budget and property type.


Solar care service delivery

We help coordinate access to the property with the tenant so our electricians won’t inconvenience them when they professionally perform solar care services.


After service reporting

You get a report detailing services performed, electrical system readings, performance statistics and photos of work completed, including your solar array before-and-after maintenance.


Our rapid response onsite repair service keeps tenants happy and maximises the value of your system


Regular servicing ensures safe and efficient solar giving long-term peace-of-mind for tenant, manager and investor

Safety inspection services

Solar system safety assessment and report describing its current condition

We only do solar and we only do it well

Since 2014 Solar Uptime has developed many trusted relationships in the property industry with investors, real estate principal’s, their management teams and property tenants.

You’ll appreciate our efficient, proactive approach, resulting in happy tenants, managers and investors.

Solar Care for Rental Properties

Solar systems are sophisticated equipment that require periodic care

Panels and structure

Solar Care for Rental Properties
Solar Care for Rental Properties Isolators, cables, connections

Isolators, cables, connections

Inverter and environment

Solar Care for Rental Properties Inverter and environment

The Solar Uptime guarantee of clarity, openness and responsiveness

We promise long-term solar energy performance and peace-of-mind to property owners, investors and businesses.