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Solar Repairs in Brisbane from $80*

Did you know that Brisbane has over 300 days of sunshine per year?

Brisbane is an excellent place for consistent solar energy production and minimal interruption from weather patterns. This is why Solar Uptime understands the importance of getting your solar back up and running fast with solar repairs!
We repair first and replace only if necessary.

Our Brisbane Solar Services

Inverter Repairs

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar Panel Repairs

Solar Inverter Replacement

General Solar Electrician Services

Solar System Repairs, Regardless of Brand

Our Brisbane Solar Electricians repair all brands of Solar Inverters and Solar Panels. We can also provide expert advice on replacing your Solar Inverter or entire system should repairing not be feasible. We’re a premium solar energy company that wants to help homeowners and businesses with solar repairs and regular solar maintenance.

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The team at Solar Uptime prides itself on our customer-focused approach and dedication to the full cycle of solar – from installation and maintenance, to repair and replacement.

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Solar Repairs in Brisbane from $80*

The cost of a repair can be as low as $80 if we just need to replace an external plug, switch or consumable part and don’t have to remove the inverter.

Repairing and reconditioning the internal electronics of an inverter ranges from $195 to $450.

There may also be removal and installation costs depending on your situation. Just ask and we’ll let you know.

Why Solar Uptime is different?

Solar Uptime is committed to providing full lifetime care for solar – this means we supply, install, repair and maintain your solar, providing the essential solar care you need. We have done this for thousands of Brisbane customers every year since 2013.

We deliver solar savings you can rely on.

Why Brisbane Customers are Opting for Solar Uptime!

Solar Uptime services are fully guaranteed. You can expect fast friendly service from the moment you contact us as we aim to create life-long customer relationships.

Why Trust Us?

We have repaired thousands of solar systems, helping customers get their solar up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

All Solar Uptime electricians and operations adhere rigorously to the following:

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