Solar Inverter Replacement Specialists

Decreased performance, increased noise, warning lights and physical damage can be tell-tale signs that it’s time for a new solar inverter.

Need to replace your solar inverter?

There are many factors that determine whether you need to replace your solar inverter, but ultimately, it’s a return-on-investment calculation that needs to be answered by an expert.

All too often people replace their solar inverter before they need to, so it’s best that you get your inverter inspected and assessed by a qualified solar electrician. They can determine whether the issue can be repaired or whether your inverter needs replacing; they can also complete the replacement for you.

We fix and replace all major solar inverter brands!

The one thing you can be sure of is that with Solar Uptime being an independent supplier of solar inverters, we only stock inverters from manufacturers you can rely on. Having installed thousands of new solar inverters, we know which brands to use – and which brands to stay away from.

Explore the top-selling brands and models we are proud to supply below:

Fronius logo


Fronius has been the solar inverter of choice for many due to their renowned manufacturing and engineering quality standards and proven history of performance and reliability.

Fronius inverter

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GE logo


Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, General Electric (GE) is a global company with 205,000 employees that creates state-of-the-art solutions and can be relied on to provide long term warranty support. This makes them a great choice for solar inverters.

GE inverter

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Goodwe logo


GoodWe is a one of the most well-known Chinese inverter manufacturers that offers a wide range of cost-effective solar and hybrid inverters.

Goodwe inverter

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Sungrow logo


Sungrow is one of the largest global suppliers of solar inverters, and they have built a solid reputation due to their competitive pricing, high quality, and proven reliability in the Australian marketplace.