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Why replace your Solar when you can repair it?

Maximize the lifespan of your solar system

Solar Uptime understands why it seems a shame to throw away perfectly good high-quality solar components that just need to be repaired. Our solar repair services specialise in solar inverter repairs, solar electrical repairs, and solar panel repairs – we’re committed to keeping the costs down and your solar savings up!

If you see a red light on your inverter, an error message, or your power bills keep going up, you may need to have your solar repaired. Not to worry! Our highly experienced solar electricians will diagnose the fault and provide the solar repairs needed to get your solar back up and running as quickly as possible. It’s what we do.

Solar Inverter Repairs

Solar inverter failures are a very common occurrence. We can get you back up and running for the lowest cost possible when an inverter repair can be done. We can also assist with insurance or warranty claims, when applicable.

Solar Panel Repairs

Rooftop Solar Panels are exposed to extreme conditions, including heavy rain, winds, the unrelenting Australian sunshine and even vermin chewing through cables.  But don’t worry, expert help is available to identify and isolate solar panel issues to provide the solar repairs you need.

Solar Repairs from $80*

At Solar Uptime, we repair first and replace only when necessary.

The cost of a repair can be as low as $80 if we just need to replace an external plug, switch or consumable part and don’t have to remove the inverter.

Repairing and reconditioning the internal electronics of an inverter ranges from $195 to $450.

There may also be removal and installation costs depending on your situation. Just ask and we’ll let you know.

The most common solar system faults

Solar Panel Damages

Solar panels can fail due to several reasons, the most common is from ‘hot spots’ which are created from damaged and underperforming solar cells.

Wiring Faults

Common wiring faults in solar systems include poor connections between panels, sun-damaged wire insulation, and incorrect wire sizing.

Solar Inverter Issues

Solar inverters can fail due to internal component failure, moisture ingress, high voltage storm surges or from manufacturing defects, to name a few.

Isolation Switches

Isolator switches fail due to wear and tear, moisture ingress, UV damage and incorrect installation.

Ready to repair your Solar?

Choosing the right solar repair services company can make all the difference in extending the lifespan of your solar system. Our team of professional solar electricians have vast experience in solar inverter repair, solar panel repair, extended diagnostics, solar replacements, and routine maintenance services.

Don’t put off the repair of your solar system until it’s too late.