Commercial Solar Experts

Fast and hassle-free solar care for insurers and property managers

As solar energy continues to grow in popularity as a clean and renewable source of energy that saves money on energy bills, so too does the need for insurers and property managers to oversee the replacement, installation, maintenance and repair of solar inverters and solar systems.

As Solar Uptime our solar specialists understand the needs of insurers and property managers and provide you with a rapid response to faults and rectification work as well as lifetime care ensuring you only have to deal with one provider for all of your solar needs – supply through to repair and replacement.

Call us on 1300 007 707 or explore our services below to find out how we can help you make your clients happier and work orders easier.

Solar for Property Managers

With investors looking to increase the value of their property and tenants keen to save money, it’s no wonder solar is so popular in investment properties. To help you as a property manager, Solar Uptime has a lifetime care rental property program that delivers hassle-free solar repair and replacement, maintenance, and safety inspections.

Solar for Insurers

Solar Uptime has been supporting the insurance industry with our fast response and specialist solar expertise since 2018. Taking a methodical approach, our solar specialists provide detailed inspections, accurate reports and prompt rectification works to ensure your clients have their solar back up and operating optimally as quickly as possible.