COVID Safety Precautions

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The pandemic has taught us all to expect the unexpected. Our thoughts go out to all affected by COVID-19.

We understand how important it is for your solar to continue producing power. We’re here to do our best for you regardless of the situation.

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COVID-19 additional safety precautions

While working on your essential solar electrical, when necessary the following measures will been taken to help contain COVID-19:

Social Distancing

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained between Solar Uptime personnel and our customers at all times. This is achieved through the following measures:


The electrician will call you to advise of arrival and discuss relevant matters over the phone before commencing work.

You are advised to remain inside until completion of work.

If telephone contact is not possible to advise you of arrival, the electrician will call out verbally while maintaining distance from your entrance.

If it is necessary to knock on the door, a sanitised instrument will be used, and the electrician will immediately back off to a safe minimum distance.

Verbal communication must be made outside the home in the open air wherever possible while maintaining the minimum distance. When this is not possible, mobile phones can be used to assist.

Payment Methods

Card/Eftpos Payments

We use a new contactless mobile PayWay system that doesn’t require the physical exchange of a card.

The technician can perform the transaction over the phone after the work is done.


If cash or cheque is the only option available, we will ask you to enclose the funds in an envelope or similar container and leave them in a suitable location before the work is finished. This will allow the 3 meter rule to be adhered to when collecting.

Booking staff will confirm arrangements specific to your situation. We advise you to stay inside your home with the door shut while the payment is collected.


As an extra precaution we request the restraint or isolation of pets to ensure there is no unnecessary contact with Solar Uptime personnel as they work.

Connection to Water Supply

After the technician disconnects the hose from the external faucet, the handle, faucet and any other contact surfaces will be sanitised.

We advise you to stay up to date with the information and latest releases from the Australian Department of Health. Together we will do everything possible to navigate a safe passage through these unprecedented times.

Take care and stay safe!

The Solar Uptime team