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Ensure your home solar system is operating effectively and efficiently

Installing solar has become an extremely popular and effective way for families in Australia to protect themselves against rapidly rising energy costs.

As a clean, renewable resource, solar has many benefits. Not only does it produce enough power to meet the needs of most homes, but it doesn’t burn coal, has a long lifespan, and adds value to your home. Making solar a great way to go green and offset the cost of traditional electricity.

Lifetime care for your solar system from solar experts

At Solar Uptime, we have helped thousands of homeowners make the most of solar by providing lifetime care for their solar system. This means we supply, install, maintain, and repair, allowing you to use one provider for all your solar needs. What’s more, as an independent supplier, you get independent advice.

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Solar Panel & Inverter Repairs

Are your solar panels generating less power? Are your power bills on the rise? Then chances are there is a fault with your solar panel system or inverter which needs to be repaired. Get to the bottom of what is going on with a professional solar assessment.

Solar Inverter Replacements

Decreased performance, warning lights and physical damage are all signs that you may need a new inverter. With many solar inverters having a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years, you’ll likely need to replace them at least once in the life of your solar panel system.

Solar Maintenance & Servicing

Like a car, solar needs servicing. Neglecting to do regular solar maintenance can lead to a number of problems, including decreased power output causing increased power bills, solar panel damage, and even manufacturer warranty invalidation.

Solar Upgrades

With new developments in solar technology, there can be significant benefits to upgrading components of your system. Whether you’re looking for greater output from your solar panels or to add battery storage, we can help you find the solution you’re after.

Solar Installations

Solar installation requires specialised electrical work, specific accreditation and training, and considerable hands-on experience. Find out why thousands of homeowners trust Solar Uptime technicians with their solar systems.