Storm Season Has Hit! Is Your Solar Ready?
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Just like a car, your solar system needs regular checks and maintenance.

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Why regular solar checks are important in storm season?

Preventing Potential Damage

Regular solar checks enable the identification of potential vulnerabilities in your system, allowing for proactive measures to prevent damage before a storm hits.

Monitoring Electrical Components

Regular checks help monitor the condition of inverters, wiring, and grounding systems, ensuring they are equipped to handle electrical surges and protect your investment.

Ensuring Physical Integrity

Routine checks help identify any loose components or structural issues that could compromise your system’s ability to withstand the forces of a storm.

Ensure Solar System Safety

The post-storm evaluation process allows for quick identification of any damage and prompt repairs to restore your system to function safely again.

Ready to claim your early bird health check?

For only $195 (normally $295).

Don’t miss out! Limited time only.

What can happen to solar panels during storm season?

Storm season in Australia can be harsh with severe winds and damaging hail. This poses a serious threat to your solar panels, so it’s important to be proactive and prepared.

Here are a few of the threats that your solar system faces during storm season:

Physical Damage

Storms bring strong winds and the potential for flying debris, such as large branches. While solar panels are designed to withstand these forces, there’s always a risk of physical damage.

Hail and Heavy Rain

Large hail storms can smash the glass in your panels, which can reduce their efficiency or stop it altogether. These cracks can potentially also allow water to infiltrate the panels and cause further electrical damage.

Lightning Strikes

Electrical storms raise concerns about lightning strikes. Electrical surges can cause severe damage to your panel’s internal electrics and the connected electrical infrastructure of your home.

Temporary Performance Reduction

Cloud cover during stormy weather can temporarily reduce solar generation and make your panels less energy efficient.

Safeguard Your Home During Storm Season

To safeguard your solar panels against these potential threats during storm season it is important to complete regular solar maintenance checks. Physical reinforcements and proper maintenance can give your solar system the best chance against damaging weather conditions.

Ready to claim our early bird health check?

We are offering an early bird health check offer for just $195 (normally $295).

Don’t miss out! Limited time only.